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The best known and widest application of Eastern meditation techniques in the West has become Mindfulness. Mindfulness or Meditation can be approached from different viewpoints. Some people might look to it for relaxation, others are hoping for clarity or enlightenment.

One thing that meditation and mindfulness have in common is the process of being focused and being in the moment. A state of mind of being present and using all one’s resources in a concentrated and effective way instead of sending our thoughts and energy to many different topics or situations.

If you think of it like that, concentrating all your energy into one specific moment, rather than dividing it into many different moments, past and present. Just dealing with the NOW and having all your energy at your disposal to help you, how much more powerful you can be.

Learning to focus and being in the moment will also offer an opportunity to connect with a deeper side of your self. Some people like to call it intuition or an inner wisdom. It doesn’t matter what you call it, because connecting with that deeper side of yourself will not only bring greater clarity, but also a sense of security. An inner confidence that lets you know you can trust yourself and that you have all the resources to make the right things happen for you.


Find a comfortable place to sit and gently close your eyes. Slowly begin to focus on your breath. Notice everything about it, does it make a little sound, is the out breath warmer and the in breath a little cooler, check the rhythm as well.

Now count on each out breath, from one to three and starting over again. After a few moments see if you can slow your breathing down a little bit more by adding the word ‘and’ in front of each breath.

As your breathing is slowing down, you might have already noticed that your whole body is beginning to slow down a little too and you can allow yourself to become more comfortable with each easy breath.

Beginning to focus all your attention on your breathing and let yourself enjoy this very moment.

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