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Letting go of guiltLetting go of guilt

Letting go of guilt can bring a new sense of freedom and create a welcome space for feelings that can bring us joy instead. ... read more

Follow your path as you discover itFollow your path as you discover it

Personal Development is about accessing and evaluating your strengths and weaknesses in order to improve the quality of your life. This often includes looking for greater spiritual awareness, or searching for meaning in life. Learning and understanding m ... read more

Can lying be good for you?Can lying be good for you?

Lies are not necessarily unethical when the motives behind it are intrinsically good. Telling a lie, or being tactful can maintain healthy relationships or even save somebody’s life. However can being dishonest with ourselves be beneficial too? ... read more


A simple exercise to introduce you to Mindfulness, which can help you to relax and enable you to enjoy your life more fully. ... read more