Joka van Wijk


07761 708021

About Me

I am an accredited member of the UK Council for Psychotherapists and a fellow of the National Society of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy.

I abide by their Code of Ethics and Practice. This includes regular supervision, full professional insurance and a commitment to ongoing professional development.

I am also a certified specialist in working with fertility. I trained and am registered with Easibirthing®. Please view links for more details.

How I work

Everyone is unique, so I believe it is important to find the right therapeutic process for you. I am an integrative therapist and although hypnosis is the mainstay of my practice, it is informed by the theory and tools of more than one approach.

I believe that we all know deep down what is best for us. Sometimes we lose sight of that, because of something that has happened in our childhood or due to the stress and demands of everyday life.

As a therapist I aim to work with clients in a supportive way to help them make sense of their thoughts and feelings and create an awareness that will help them move forward in life. This can include learning to look at things from a new perspective, resolving emotional concerns, overcoming old patterns of behaviour or learning new skills.

My intention is to help clients reach a position where they can feel more independent and in control of their life, so they can experience a greater sense of security and confidence, and be able to fulfill their true potential.