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How to make New Year’s resolutions stick and create a better life-balance.

How to introduce long lasting change into your life.

Many of us will have started the New Year with a few or a list of good intentions. Determined to start a hobby, spend more time in the gym, eat healthily, make sure we get enough rest, make new friends, the list can be endless. Yet by the time we get to the end of January it can become increasingly hard to stick to these resolutions.

We know it would be better for us to make some changes, but it somehow feels easier to resort to the same old patterns. There can be a certain comfort in sticking to what we know and new things can be scary or just feel plain wrong, because they are unfamiliar. Sometimes our lists are just too ambitious; they might need to be scaled down to make them more achievable. Often it is better to introduce changes slowly, one by one and of course when we change one thing that means other things will change also as a result.

It sounds very obvious, but introducing one early night a week to your routine, will mean more energy to get things done the next day. By joining an evening class, you might automatically make new friends.

The important thing to remember about New Year’s resolutions is that they ultimately are about improving your quality of life. Whether it is to feel healthier, achieve your goals or create a better work/life balance. It is about taking command of your life.

Here are a few suggestions for achievable goals in order to create a greater sense of well-being into your life.

  1. Make sure you get enough night rest. Make a list in the morning and early evening with action points to work through for the coming day to clear your head.

  2. Eat healthily and introduce some alcohol free nights in your week. (You can always start with one and build it up to more).

  3. Clear your desk regularly, throw away out of date ‘stuff’ and only leave the things you use regularly within reach.

  4. Introduce some exercise into your daily routine; this can be as simple as getting off a stop earlier to add to your walk to work. (Again, you can start with doing this once week and continue to add a day, each week).

  5. Make a list of fifty fun things to do and do at least one of those every day.

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