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February, the end of good intentions?

Many of us start the New Year with good intentions, which often have vanished by the time we get to February. All the things that we try to do without are often the things that we need most to get through one of the greyest months of the Year.

The more we try and deny ourselves whatever it is we are giving up, the more we want them. Healthy living, healthy food and exercise can all start to feel like punishments.

I instigated for myself the notion of ‘Treat January’ a few years ago. It doesn’t mean unlimited access to things that are not necessarily good for me, but it does give me permission to have other treats and enjoy myself.

I found that often the things I value most where the things that were not part of the everyday routine, something a little different. This could be anything from taking time to see a local ceramics exhibition during the week, even for 15 mins, having a coffee in a café round the corner, buying some flowers with the weekly shop or watching a movie on a quiet afternoon.

Sometimes I realized that I wasn’t doing certain things very differently at all, but the very intention to make them enjoyable, made them so.

Allowing myself to do things a little differently and enjoying them, stopped me from falling off the wagon with other intentions. I had replaced the idea of denial with treating and suddenly the idea of living a little healthier and taking care of myself had become part of the treating rather than a chore. In fact it worked so well that I am instigating ‘Treat February’!

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